Omron Limit Switches Suppliers in Chennai

Are you looking for Omron Limit Switches Suppliers in Chennai? Veepee Controls got your back. Limit Switches are equipped with direct opening mechanisms. We Offer all types of Limit Switches with better prices than compared to Omron Authorized Suppliers in Chennai, India.

D4E-N is a Slim and Compact Switch with Better Seal and Ensuring Longer Service Life than D4E. It Contains one touch connector eliminates the need for tedious wiring operations and reduces downtime for wiring and maintenance (models with standard, easy-to-use screw terminals are also available).Protection cover protects the built-in switch from dust and oil. Plunger incorporates a tough seal cap that lasts for a long time. Molded terminal types as well as molded terminal types with operating indicator lamps are available for screw terminal systems.

Omron Limit Switches D4E-N Series

Long Service Life and Large Breaking Power.


It is approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard). (Ask your OMRON representative for Information on approved models.) No difference in mounting pitch and characteristics between D4E-N and D4E models.

You can find all Omron Limit Switches products with Economical Prices. For More Information about Omron Limit Switches Please Reach Us.

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