PLC Automation Jobs in Chennai

Veepee Controls is on the look-out for vibrant, creative and capable specialists who have a passion to excel, and a drive for success. We are a company that loves intellect, invention and innovation and we expect our employees to Stand through our long-standing tradition of morals, values, professionalism, Fair practice and hard-work. VPC Provide Industrial Automation Jobs in Chennai.

Veepee Controls fosters Professional growth & nourishes the employee’s need for learning the brand new in technology, at the same time as enhancing his/her skills on a continuous basis.

Maximum employees right here price Veepee Controls exceedingly due to the relationships they share with their colleagues, seniors & managers who definitely care about their people & nurture their professional growth. At Veepee Controls, your career possibilities are boundless and we believe with this as a priceless component.