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ASDA-M Series

High-end machines requiring 3-axis synchronous control / Adhesive dispensing .


  • Multi-axis synchronous interpolation
  • Advanced gantry control

ASDA-A2 Series

Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine


  • Destination position, speed and acceleration
  • 35 kinds of homing modes are available.

ASDA-A+ Series

Spring machine, bending machine, bending press, feeding machines


  • A wide power range: from 4.5kW to 7.5kW, 3-phase
  • Input power supply: AC 200V ~ 230V

ASDA-AB Series

Cutter/Turret control of machine tool, X-Y table control


  • Frequency characteristics (Responsiveness): 450Hz
  • Input power supply: from 100W to 400W

ASDA-A2R SeriesK

Exposure Machines, Drilling Machines, Electric Discharge Machines (EDM)


  • Accurate positioning and initiation without a Hall sensor unit
  • High flexibility in connecting various kinds of linear motors and servo motors

ASDA-MS Series

Cartesian robots


  • Integrates robot controller and 4 axes of servo in one single unit
  • Supports the IEC 61131-3 standard for five kinds of programming languages

ASDA-B Series

Filling and bottling equipment, feeding machine


  • A wide power range: from 100W to 1.5kW, 1-phase or 3-phase; 2kW, 3-phase
  • Input power supply: AC 200V ~ 230V

ASDA-B2 Series

To meet the requirements of general-purpose machine tools


  • Support pulse input (up to 4Mbps) and analog voltage two kinds of command.
  • Up to 1kHz frequency response. Settling time below 1ms.