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Pepperl Fuchs Fiber Optic Sensor in Chennai

Get Special Discounts on Pepperl Fuchs Fiber Optic Sensor in Chennai. Veepee Controls offer a wide variety of fiber optic sensors with various outputs, digital displays, and a wide assortment of fiber optic cables.

The Fieldbus power conditioner is an all-in-one module for single fieldbus segments. It gives short-circuit limitation (1 A) and impedance matching only. The output voltage relies upon on the bulk power voltage.The device feeds high power to the trunk for maximum cable lengths and high device count in any hazardous area. Fieldbus couplers provide explosion protection for live work at the spur.

KLD2-PC-1.1.IEC Series is a High-Power Trunk for high device count and long cable runs with Installation only in safe areas. It Supply via Power Rail.

Fieldbus Power Conditioner KLD2-PC-1.1.IEC Series

Output: 14.7 ... 30.7 V/1 A, For very high segment load, High-power trunk for high device


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