Veepee Controls is one of the best Delta AC Servo Drive Dealers in Chennai. We offer a Wide range of Delta VFD, Servo Drive Products. VPC is one of the Authorized Delta Ac Servo Drive Distributors in Chennai.

CFP2000 Series

HVAC, fans, pumps, cooling systems, factory water supply & water treatment systems.


  • IP55 and IP41 enclosure protections
  • Optional built-in mains switch for IP55 models

MS300 Series

Machine tools, textile machines, woodworking machines, packaging machines.


  • Supports Open loop control of IM and PM motors
  • Built-in PLC program with 2K steps capacity

CH2000 Series

Crane, processing machinery, printing machinery.


  • Induction motor and synchronous motor control
  • Built-in PLC program capacity: 10K steps

C200 Series

Food packaging machinery, conveyors, textile machinery, woodworking machinery.


  • Built-in PLC program with 5,000 steps capacity
  • Built-in brake chopper

C2000 Series

Crane and printing machines.


  • Speed/torque/position control mode, dual rating design (Normal duty/heavy duty)
  • Outstanding 4-quadrant torque control/limit

CP2000 Series

Fixed-displacement pumps (fix flow and fix time), building automation, factory automation.


  • Long-life design and self diagnosis for key components.
  • The modularized design eases the maintenance and expansion.

VFD-VJ Series

The Delta Hybrid servo VFD-VJ Series is designed with AC servo


  • Field Oriented Control
  • Suitable for both synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors

VFD-E Series

Smaller cranes; washing machines; treadmilsl; etc.


  • Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz
  • Modular & compact design

VFD-EL Series

Simple DIY processing equipment ,Small size pump & fan,conveyer belt, blowing machine


  • O/P Freq: 0.1~600Hz
  • Three points adjustable V/f curve

REG2000 Series

A traditional drive system used for inertia load work generally performs rapid deceleration.


  • Lower harmonics and high power factor using sinewave PWM control
  • Improves drive brake torque 125% to 150%

VFD-VE Series

Power transmission equipment, elevator, crane, CNC tooling machines.


  • Output frequency: 0~600Hz
  • 4 points adjustable V/F curve, Sensorless Vector Control, Field-Oriented Control

VFD-B Series

Air conditioners for large buildings; woodcarving machine; etc


  • Output frequency 0.1~400 Hz
  • Adjustable V/f curve and vector control

VFD-M Series

Sensorless Vector Micro AC Drive.


  • Auto torque boost & slip compensation
  • Built-in PID feedback control

VFD-S Series

General Purpose AC Micro Drive.


  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • Momentary power failure or fault restart

VFD-L Series

Sub-fractional low cost AC Drive.


  • Carrier frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Auto torque boost and slip compensation

VFD-V Series

Woodcarving machine; crane hoisting; drilling machine; etc.


  • Power Range: 230V 3-phase: 1~50HP; 460V 3-phase: 1~100HP
  • Sensorless vector control with speed control range 1:100

HES Series

Injection Molding Machine.


  • Suitable for Harsh Environments
  • Old Machine Replenishment

VFD-VL Series

Home elevator, cargo elevator, passenger elevator, residential elevator and crane.


  • Output frequency
  • The vector control by FOC

VFD-ED Series

Home elevator, cargo elevator


  • Power rating from 2.2kW to 75 kW
  • Supports both asynchronous and synchronous motors

VFD-DD Series

Doors control.


  • Door width is determined automatically and is recorded in related elevator parameters.
  • Smooth door re-open curve reduces vibration

AFE2000 Series

Overhead Traveling Crane.


  • Overhead Traveling Crane
  • Elevator

ASDA-M Series

High-end machines requiring 3-axis synchronous control / Adhesive dispensing .


  • Multi-axis synchronous interpolation
  • Advanced gantry control

ASDA-A2 Series

Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine


  • Destination position, speed and acceleration
  • 35 kinds of homing modes are available.

ASDA-A+ Series

Spring machine, bending machine, bending press, feeding machines


  • A wide power range: from 4.5kW to 7.5kW, 3-phase
  • Input power supply: AC 200V ~ 230V

ASDA-AB Series

Cutter/Turret control of machine tool, X-Y table control


  • Frequency characteristics (Responsiveness): 450Hz
  • Input power supply: from 100W to 400W

ASDA-A2R SeriesK

Exposure Machines, Drilling Machines, Electric Discharge Machines (EDM)


  • Accurate positioning and initiation without a Hall sensor unit
  • High flexibility in connecting various kinds of linear motors and servo motors

ASDA-MS Series

Cartesian robots


  • Integrates robot controller and 4 axes of servo in one single unit
  • Supports the IEC 61131-3 standard for five kinds of programming languages

ASDA-B Series

Filling and bottling equipment, feeding machine


  • A wide power range: from 100W to 1.5kW, 1-phase or 3-phase; 2kW, 3-phase
  • Input power supply: AC 200V ~ 230V

ASDA-B2 Series

To meet the requirements of general-purpose machine tools


  • Support pulse input (up to 4Mbps) and analog voltage two kinds of command.
  • Up to 1kHz frequency response. Settling time below 1ms.